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Stephanie Wallace

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6 Nights

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I had been to Africa several times prior to my visit for Care for Wild and every trip had been amazing. However, I have to say that my trip to Care for Wild was just a completely next level experience. I have always loved animals and when I discovered this opportunity I was so very excited. I work as a nurse anaesthetist in the States and I wanted to share my care and compassion that my human patients receive with these animals that were in desperate need.

I went to Care for Wild September 2019 for one week. It was not nearly long enough!! From the very beginning the staff were welcoming and very informative. At the time I was there we were to work with the hippos, the cats or the rhinos. I worked with the rhinos during my time there. We would clean their bomas (houses), make their food and feed them. During our downtime we were able to visit the other animals and we actually went for a safari one evening, which was awesome! I was lucky enough to be there for World Rhino Day and there were many activities that we participated in to celebrate as well. Additionally we were able to see other animals on the property be relocated into new areas, which was an interesting experience. One evening all the volunteers played soccer with the staff on this giant area of open land. It was truly a surreal experience to be playing soccer in Africa while warthogs ran around and giraffes could walk by at any minute. I was exhausted but just grinning from ear to ear afterwards.

I can not say enough good things about the staff at Care for Wild. They truly are there selflessly to save the rhinos. I was incredibly sad that I had to leave but I was planning my next trip before I left! This experience really solidified for me my passion for working with animals and things have been different ever since in a great way.

If you are taking the time to read this then please go, you won't regret it! It truly is a life changing experience.