A group of ACE volunteers and staff gathered around a camp fire at night time in the African bush
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Male volunteer smiling at the camera as he feed a rhino, Care for Wild Africa

Terence and Victoria Fitzpatrick

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Length of Trip
14 Nights

Project Year

We’ve always loved rhinos. We were watching a documentary that showed a veterinary student volunteering at a rhino orphanage, and it lit a spark in us! We knew we would love to do it and then we found Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary. We shared their vision and mission and the volunteering programme gave us the opportunity to be involved in a very real and practical way, supporting the rhinos and their journey to rewilding.

There were so many highlights of the trip, it’s hard to pick out just one!

Undeniably, the most amazing experience was feeding the babies - such a humbling and emotional thing to do. Equally fun was going out onto the reserve to deliver dry feed to the adult groups. Seeing the animals behaving naturally with each other, in a natural environment, was incredible.

Care for Wild Africa more than fulfilled our expectations. It was hard work, and physically demanding, but it was worth every single bead of sweat. Having the privilege of spending time with the people and animals there is something we will never forget.

We travelled with African Conservation Experience (ACE) and would certainly do so again. Our flight out of London was delayed, but ACE arranged the rescheduling of our onward transport with no problems. Being met by ACE at the airport when we arrived, and seeing us on our flight home, made the whole travel experience very easy!