Group of ACE volunteers relaxing around the campfire
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Tomer Admon: posing beside the water in the Okavango

Tomer Admon

🇮🇱 Israel

Length of Trip
13 Nights

Project Year

In Botswana, everything is so wild and pure, and you never know when the animals will appear from the thick bush.

There are places in Botswana, like the Okavango, where you see groups of people flying directly to their lodges, who don’t really get to experience the true nature surrounding them. But when you’re in transit, and you get to experience the drive to camp, you understand that this is where the tarmacs end, and from here on anything is possible. That’s really amazing!

You can’t expect anything, because it’s the wild. You go to sleep and everything is quiet, and then you wake up three hours later with hyenas nearby, the elephants rambling and tons of birds.

You can ask the trackers and the driver anything – they know everything about the sounds, the smells, whatever you want to know, they’ll tell you. Everything is there, you just need to grab the information, ask whatever you want.

The experience feels like it went super quick – after adjusting to the setting for the first few days, you really start having fun. You get to see the sunrise, and have enough time to relax and read a book. You can cook for yourself and the team on the fire or the stove – everything is possible!

The camp is a very nice, secluded place, and you don’t have to worry about anything – it’s lively, there’s fires and big, nice tents. You feel very respectful of nature and the wildlife, and everyone is amazing!