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Three giraffe at Phinda

Delaney Sweeney

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States

Length of Trip
14 Nights

Project Year

It was the most amazing experience of my life. I loved every minute of it!

One of the things that made this experience so exceptional was the incredible diversity of veterinary work I was exposed to. Every day brought a fresh challenge and a new opportunity to learn. I also enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule so we could split our time up, from being in the clinic to visiting a new area.

The staff and the professional vets were some of the warmest and most welcoming people I've ever met. They really made an effort to share their knowledge and if I ever had questions or felt confused about something, they were incredibly patient and took the time to explain things thoroughly. It was clear they really cared for their patients and were dedicated to the profession. I learned so much, including about the business side of the veterinary practice. This gave me a well-rounded perspective of what it takes to succeed in this field. This experience definitely reinforced my passion for veterinary medicine!

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go on this field trip, and can't thank African Conservation Experience and the staff enough for this life-changing experience. It was more than just a trip; it was an opportunity to immerse myself in the world of veterinary medicine and learn from some of the best in the field.

I would not trade this experience for the world and I've already started making plans to visit again!