We understand that planning a conservation placement is quite a big decision for you. We like to think that we put as much thought and planning into it as you do! This section gives you all the details that are maybe slightly less exciting than reading about the projects you can get involved in, but that are important nonetheless - so don't skip this part! It does not contain any dreaded fine print and it should answer a lot of the questions you might have, such as how much it would cost to join a project in Africa, how you get to your project and what you need to organise before you go.

This section gives you a bit more detail on how joining a conservation placement works - from the booking process to who meets you in South Africa and how you learn the ropes at your project.
Find out the details of what joining a conservation project costs, where the money goes and how you can finance your placement.
Travelling requires some organisation. This section tells you more about whether you will need to arrange a visa, and what to do about flights and transfers.
Africa is an amazing place, but it does not always get the best press in terms of safety. Find out how we make your placement as safe as possible.
If you have read all of the above and you are still not sure about something, you will probably find the answer in our FAQ section. Someone else is bound to have asked about the same thing!
Make sure you read the nitty-gritty legal stuff - This is your contract with us, if you set up a conservation placement.
While there are opportunities for projects all year round, some of the work is seasonal. Find out which aspects of wildlife work are prevalent in which season.
Are you worried about Ebola affecting your travel plans? Here is some additional information to put the risk of Ebola in context.
Every now and then, there are some special opportunities for project placements - Whether it's particularly exciting work happening at a certain project, seasonal wildlife highlights or the odd sneaky discount to be had. So keep an eye on this section - We all like a good deal!



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