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30 Nov 2018

Protecting Painted Wolves in Southern Africa

The African Wild Dog is locally extinct in many African countries and is listed as endangered across the entire continent….

16 Nov 2018

Useful Phrases for Volunteers in Southern Africa

During your time at one of our many projects in Southern Africa you’re likely to be exposed to one or more of the many local languages (South Africa alone has 11 official languages)….

02 Nov 2018

Elephant Conservation in Botswana

Botswana has recently featured prominently in the international media because of a reported increase in elephant carcasses sighted during the latest aerial wildlife survey….

19 Oct 2018

Chipangali Turns 45

Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Sanctuary, one of Africa’s oldest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres, just turned an incredible 45 years old! The world was a very different place 45 years ago, but one man recognised the need for a wildlife orphanage and rehabilitation centre in Zimbabwe….

19 Sep 2018

Getting Involved In The Race To Save The Rhino

Our Rhino Conservation Experience puts volunteers at the heart of the struggle to protect and conserve rhino populations in Southern Africa….

12 Jul 2018

New Job Opportunity: Embark on a Career Adventure with African Conservation Experience

We have news about an exciting new opportunity for a nature-savvy adventurer with a passion for travel and desire to help make a positive impact on Africa’s wildlife to join the African Conservation Experience team….



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