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17 May 2020

'Work on the Wild Side' featuring former ACE volunteer Rachael Pfeiffer at Care for Wild

African Conservation Experience is proud to announce that a new 20-part wildlife series ‘Work on the Wild Side’, starting 18th May on UK’s Channel4, will be featuring some of our key partners and people….

05 Apr 2016

African Wildlife Vets & Game Capture

Species: Unpredictable. Mostly buffalo, antelope, occasionally rhino and giraffe. Conservation Impact:…

22 Feb 2016

72 Hours In Wildlife Veterinary A&E

“How as your weekend?” is a standard Monday morning greeting. If anyone asked Dr Rogers and team this Monday, the likely response would have been “What weekend?!” Here is a run down of the wildlife cases that his clinic dealt with between Friday and Sunday night! South Africa is struggling with a continued drought….

02 Dec 2014

Sophie's African Reflections

My Time in Africa By Sophie Gates I knew when I applied to study veterinary medicine at university that getting in was going to be difficult so it came as no surprise when on results day I narrowly missed the grades for my offer to study at Liverpool….

14 Dec 2013

My South African Journal

By Kirsten Sharbine If I was given the opportunity, I’m sure I could write a book about how my life changed in this perfectly beautiful country, but I only have space for this article….

13 Nov 2012

Dangerous animals - enter at own risk

You might not expect that sign greeting you when entering your office for a day’s work – unless you are a wildlife vet! Rosie Bancroft, a 17 year old zoology student from the UK hoping to become a vet, found out the perils and joys of her dream profession while shadowing a wildlife vet in South Africa:…

22 May 2012

Collaring an Elephant - A rare veterinary opportunity!

On Monday 7th May, the students volunteering with the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience had the amazing opportunity to participate in darting and collaring a female elephant….

27 Mar 2012

Nsikazi Volunteers Assist Injured Elephant

A young bull elephant with a leg injury caused by a poacher’s snare was lucky to have the Nsikazi Wildlifevets and our ACE volunteers come to his aid last week….

29 Feb 2012

Veterinary Graduate in the African Bush

“I graduated as a vet in July 2011 from the Royal Veterinary College in London. Despite wanting to work with small animals, it was an initial fascination with wildlife (and dinosaurs) that initially made me want to become a vet….

27 Oct 2011

Nsikazi volunteers rescue fallen Rhino bull

As reported in the Laevelder, 11 October 2011:  There was much consternation on Sunday at a small holding that borders on the Likweti private nature when two rhino bulls fought so viciously that one of them ended up in a garbage pit….

26 Jan 2011

Pregnant Rhinos and Clumsy Elephants...All In A Days Work!

“Well what can I say, besides amazing! My experience with Dr Niel Kriel on Shimongwe Veterinary Experience was unforgettable not just because of the wildlife I saw and helped, but because of being made to be part of a family….

13 Jan 2011

Katie's Wildlife Adventure!

One of our Canadian volunteers recently embarked on a 3 month placement with ACE, spending time at Shimongwe Veterinary Experience with Dr Kriel, and The Whale and Dolphin Research Centre….

21 Oct 2010

Rhino Rebellion

South Africa is classified as one of the most important countries in terms of rhino conservation, specifically the white rhino….

03 Sep 2010

Veterinary volunteer Ruby posts her blogs direct from South Africa!

Follow Ruby Shorrock’s placement in South Africa at Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience as she updates us on her experience from SA! Ruby is on the Shimongwe Lowveld Veterinary Experience and has treated an injured elephant while the rest of the herd watched, captured hyena, treated a buffalo caught in a snare trap, fostered a poorly puppy …

01 Sep 2010

Shimongwe volunteers Amy and Allison get up close to cheetah!

“Two weeks into our trip, we once again found ourselves on the plains of Phinda. With Wildebeest and Zebra being the main animals in our line of sight, we were all surprised when Chap called out “cheetah” and pointed into the distance….

11 Aug 2010

Volunteers Save a Cheetah's Life!

ACE volunteers on the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience had a truly amazing and once in a lifetime experience last week! “We were on our way home from releasing giraffe and zebra we had caught that day….

11 Aug 2010

Treating An Elephants Ear Infection at Shimongwe

Volunteers at Shimongwe Kwa-Zulu Veterinary Experience assisted the wildlife veterinarian Dr Masterson treating a tame elephant’s ear infection, Rambo who lives at Bayete Zulu….

02 Aug 2010

Veterinary Work With Rare Sable Antelope and Buffalo, followed by an Emergency Caesarian Operation

Sable antelope are very valuable animals and are therefore actively managed and bred on game farms. There is never a dull moment at Dr Kriel’s Shimongwe Limpopo Veterinary Experience as these aspiring vet students found out….

16 Jun 2010

World Cup Celebrating South African Style

Volunteers working at Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience with Dr Masterson, based near Hluhluwe, have got into the World Cup Spirit, with rhino calf feeding taking on a more colourful approach with painted faces and donning the national team colours! Recent volunteer Alexander Burrows from Canada, spent 4 weeks with Dr Masterson said on his …

29 Oct 2009

Rhino hand rearing and rehabilitation for Shimongwe volunteers!

Wildlife vet Dr Masterson from our Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Project now has his own zoo license to enable the care and hand raising of 2 orphan baby rhinos at the volunteer accommodation….

15 Aug 2008

Casey's Diary at Shimongwe!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 What I love about SA… I love South Africa for the following reasons that are not in any particular order: The bushveld….

14 Dec 2007

Treating Rare Black Rhino on the Shimongwe Project

Tucked away in the Limpopo district in the north-east region of South Africa lays the small town of Ellisras, home to the Shimongwe Wildlife Project run by African Conservation Experience (www….

19 Apr 2007

Buffalo autopsies and lion contraception!

When ACE asked me to write up a summery of my time on the Vets Project, I did not know where to begin….


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