Close-up of a Tortoise

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve Geometric Dreams!

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve, whose working group ACE support with funding and uniform, recently received a Geometric Tortoise that was picked up in Gordon’s Bay in the Cape Town area.

The team at Harmony Flats have determined her “origin” and will go out to the area to see if there are any more of this unique species. Until a decision has been made on this beautiful specimen's future, the team thought it would be nice to take the tortoise out into the beautiful Harmony Flats Nature Reserve to see what a Geometric in LAF really looks like… enjoy!

The reserve’s working group currently have an intern that is providing a great resource and support to the ongoing conservation projects in the reserve including:

  • Biodiversity/ Bird Week
  • Waste Week
  • Holiday Programme
  • Careers in Conservation
  • Weedbuster Week
  • Arbour Week
  • Spring Walks
  • Wetlands Programme