Maartje van Vlerken: bottle feeding a baby rhino

New arrivals at Moholoholo!

There have been some exciting new arrivals at Moholoholo. The breeding season is in full swing out in South Africa, and the first of the season’s injured and orphaned animals have begun to arrive at the centre.

Two baby rhinos have been brought to the centre after they were injured in the Kruger National Park during a game capture attempt. They have been named Kuza and Satara.

There are also two male lion cubs, who have been named Duma and Thelo (which means thunder and lightning). Needless to say, they have captured everyone’s heart and are the stars of the show at the moment!

Not only this but there is also a cheetah with a broken leg at the centre, which is being treated at the moment.

It has been an amazing time for the students who are involved, as they have all had the chance to get really hands-on with these incredible animals and help to ensure that they will survive and one day be released back into the wild.