Alna Schutte Logistics & Operations Manager

Alna Schutte

I was born and grew up in South Africa. It is a truly unique country offering travellers the best of all that nature provides. From an amazing coastline stretching more than 3,000km with incredible marine life to Africa’s most reliable Big 5 sightings at the Kruger National Park.

I started my career studying travel and tourism at the University of Pretoria. I worked in the travel industry for many years from being a Junior Travel Consultant to an Africa & Middle East Operations Manager. Although this gave me the opportunity to explore the world, I always felt there had to be a more meaningful aspect within the travel industry that I wanted to be part of. 

After completing a Data Science course, I was fortunate to cross paths with the amazing company African Conservation Experience. Now I can combine my extensive travel experience with my love for animals and my passion for conservation.

Here at African Conservation Experience, I am responsible for the logistics arrangements of all the volunteer travel. I ensure that all of the arrangements on the ground are confirmed and run smoothly from the moment you arrive in South Africa until you return back home. There is nothing more rewarding than to hear that you had an incredible time visiting South Africa and that it went seamlessly!  

I live west of Johannesburg at Hartbeespoort Dam. I love watersports and hiking. Living at the edge of the dam we often canoe or just take our two dogs, a Labrador and a Bull Terrier, for regular walks.