Petra Jager Managing Director

Petra Jager

I love building the African Conservation Experience team and making sure everything runs smoothly in the organisation. I strongly believe in working with driven and like-minded individuals who share the common goal of making a positive impact and contributing to worthwhile conservation initiatives.

My journey to South Africa started back in 2005 when I moved to Cape Town to research education in the townships to support my Master's. Despite the challenging environment, I was able to immerse myself in the amazing culture and meet some incredible people along the way.

From working with teachers in South African townships to managing accounts in the City of London, I’ve learned to adapt quickly to new situations and cultures. Having worked in multicultural teams in cities like Cape Town, London, Sydney and Amsterdam, I understand there are always multiple perspectives to consider and I bring this open-mindedness to my work. 

These experiences have helped me gain first-hand insights into complex topics as well as helped me make a difference. It has been an amazing journey so far - I’ve seen us optimise and grow, and we are ready for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Africa’s wildlife is beautiful and unique, but it is also under pressure. 

I truly enjoy and am grateful to work with an organisation that supports wildlife conservation by creating meaningful and life-changing experiences for people. This way, travellers can directly see how they are making a difference and having a positive impact, while at the same time gathering new insights into various aspects of wildlife conservation, taking new knowledge home with them.