Martin Bornman Director

Martin Bornman

My decision to study nature conservation at university marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure. In 1999, I started my African Conservation Experience career as a Research Project Leader, where I experienced firsthand how committed volunteers are to making a difference for wildlife in Africa. Over the years, I advanced into the management team and as a Director, I am responsible for developing our in-country operations and logistics as well as helping to shape the organisation’s vision and mission.

Born and raised in the heart of South Africa, I was captivated by wildlife from an early age. This drove me to dedicate my life to helping protect our planet's incredible biodiversity.

Working for African Conservation Experience has provided me with a unique opportunity to merge my two greatest passions - a love for wildlife and a genuine desire to support people. Our projects go beyond mere conservation; they are transformative experiences. We don't just protect wildlife; we change lives.

I am confident that we can create a better world for wildlife in Africa and across the globe. Every day, I am driven by the conviction that conservation travellers and volunteers are the unsung heroes of our mission. Their contributions, dedication, and willingness to make a difference are the driving force behind the positive impacts we achieve. Together, we are creating a brighter future for our planet, one where wildlife thrives, and people play an integral role in its preservation.