Georgie Pashler Conservation Travel Team Leader

Georgie Pashler

I have worked with many travellers over the years and designed various tailored experiences to help each individual grow and meet their goals. I also have the pleasure of managing a team of passionate conservationists who speak to eager volunteers every day. Whether you are an individual traveller looking to volunteer and make a difference, are coming to southern Africa for a unique family holiday, or are looking to take your students on an educational field trip, our aim is to organise the trip of a lifetime for each and every person! 

I have always been passionate about conservation and travel and I fell in love with South Africa during my first trip at 18 years old as a solo traveller. This passion has only grown over the years through the incredible experiences I’ve had out there, from monitoring the Big 5 in South Africa and Zimbabwe to experiencing a veterinary procedure on an injured rhino in the wild. Nothing can beat the African bush! These trips led me to complete a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology and as part of this, I have been lucky enough to teach future conservationists about the importance of the Kruger National Park from within the Kruger!

I chose to work for African Conservation Experience as we truly understand what is important when it comes to conserving wildlife and what it takes to make a difference on a conservation project in Africa. I’m really excited to share with our volunteers how their support truly makes a difference. They all play a vital role in supporting current research and national conservation efforts, helping to create a brighter future for Africa’s wildlife.

Further from Africa but closer to home, I am passionate about all animals, big or small, and especially my dopey german shepherd, Moose!