Martin Bornman

“I meet each and every volunteer when you arrive in South Africa and introduce you to our beautiful country and the fantastic experience you are about to undertake. You may also meet little Lemon, my terrier and ACE’s transfer buddy!

I was born and have lived my whole life in South Africa. I started my career in conservation by doing a volunteer placement on a small island in the Indian Ocean. I was so taken with what I had experienced there that I decided to follow a career in conservation. I enrolled to do a three year course in Conservation at the Tshwane University in South Africa. After completion I worked in the field for eight years, during which time I was privileged to work in some of the wildest areas in southern Africa. During this time I started a degree majoring in Psychology. I met the founder of ACE, Rob Harris, in 2000. After being ignited by his ideas I founded the Garonga ACE project, which I personally coordinated for three years. Since 2003 I have been employed by ACE as the Operations Manager of the projects in southern Africa. I live on a small farm to the west of Johannesburg where I pursue my personal interests in horse training and organic small scale farming.”


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