BLOG August 11, 2010

Treating An Elephants Ear Infection at Shimongwe

Volunteers at Shimongwe Kwa-Zulu Veterinary Experience assisted the wildlife veterinarian Dr Masterson treating a tame elephant‘s ear infection, Rambo who lives at Bayete Zulu. Rambo gave the ointments to treat the ear infection a long enquiring smell each time Chap took something new out of his bag of tricks. As you can see, it gives a new meaning to ‘n boer maak ‘n plan’ (a farmer makes a plan) … if you can’t reach it then climb a tree!

Elephant earTreating elephant

At Shimongwe Kwa-Zulu Veterinary Experience, volunteers work alongside a dedicated wildlife vet treating species ranging from antelope to lion, leopard, rhino and elephants.


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