Rhino Conservation Experience

Experience the real world of rhino conservation.

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing rhino up close in the wild, but you want to do something more meaningful and rewarding than simply going on safari, this is the experience you’ve been waiting for.

Exclusive to African Conservation Experience, this adventure takes you from the wilds of the Kruger National Park to the world’s largest rhino sanctuary, Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary. You’ll follow rhino in a safari vehicle and on foot in the wild. During your time at the rhino sanctuary and orphanage, you’ll also see these ancient giants face to face as well as helping to feed and care for calves.

Our Rhino Conservation Experience is created especially for African Conservation Experience, giving you a meaningful way to gain a deep understanding of their lives, complex social behaviour and the terrible threats they face. And all the time, you’ll be joining the fight against Africa’s rhino poaching crisis.

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Get hands-on with rhino

You’ll get the chance to work hands-on with these amazing creatures in Africa’s largest rhino sanctuary as well as spending time monitoring and observing rhino in the wild.

Help save the rhino

The poaching crisis is devastating wild rhino populations and threatening their long-term survival. By lending a hand on two of Africa’s most important rhino conservation projects, you’ll make a lasting difference to the future of these iconic animals.

Learn from the experts

Passionate about rhino? This experience gives you a unique opportunity to learn from professional conservationists, including one of the world’s leading rhino experts.

Exclusive to African Conservation Experience

We created the Rhino Conservation Experience Experience in collaboration with Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary, which we helped to establish and have worked with for over a decade. This leading rhino-protection organisation works with us because we only support real wildlife conservation.

See Kruger National Park

The locations for this experience are in the famous Kruger National Park, home to the largest rhino population in Africa.


During your Rhino Conservation Experience Experience, you’ll get involved in the following activities:

  • Track rhino in the wild both from a vehicle as well as on foot, identifying their tracks and signs of movement through the bush
  • Observe groups of rhinos, collectively called a crash, to understand their social behaviour
  • Identify wild rhino and record their location
  • Help deter poachers by creating a human presence around rhino populations in the wild
  • Prepare animal feeds and help with hands-on feeding of young rhino
  • Help the team monitor the behaviour of individuals that are being integrated into larger social groups


As well as observing and working with rhino (which you can read about under the ‘do’ tab), you’ll also learn about the bigger picture of rhino conservation in Africa.

You’ll learn about:

  • Africa’s rhino poaching crisis, its history, current status, and why rhino horn is still in such high demand
  • Anti-poaching strategies, from dehorning and protection to community outreach
  • How to care for rhino in captivity and successfully rehabilitate them into the wild
  • The habitats and diets of white and black rhinos
  • Rhino behaviour including social status and dominance
  • Natural behaviour and comparing it to captive rhino behaviour
  • The identification of various other species and their behaviour

Please note, the cost calculator shows the cost per person for our fixed-date experiences. If you wish to book this experience as a group of four or more on your choice of dates, please contact us for a bespoke quote including a discount.

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14 September – 28 September 2021

13 September – 27 September 2022


Costs are subject to change but will be confirmed in writing at the time of booking.

I have several great memories. Too many to single out any particular one; from seeing Wild Dogs in Nthaba, feeding the baby rhinos at Care for Wild, to the day in Kruger National Park. Fantastic!

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