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Indulge your passion for some of Africa’s most fascinating species. Have you always dreamed of working closely with African elephants? Or coming face to face with prides of lion in their natural habitat? How about getting hands on in the fight to save the rhino from the poacher’s snare?

Our conservation experiences give you the chance to join genuine conservation projects in helping to look after some of the most iconic species on earth. As well as spending time in close proximity to these unforgettable animals, you’ll also have the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced conservation professionals in southern Africa today.

How much does it cost?

Our experiences start at £1760 for two weeks, including transfers, meals and accommodation. But it really all depends on which project (or projects) you visit and how long you stay. For detailed pricing info, explore our experiences by animal below.

Travellers' stories


Before I knew it I was out in the bush, camping in what felt like the heart of Africa. I knew I signed up knowing this, but still - this place was secluded and wild! And I loved it.

Stephanie'S STORY

I can recommend this project to everyone who wants to help to change our understanding of the oceanic environment. 

Barbara'S STORY

If there was such a thing as a typical day at Phinda, it would consist of morning and evening monitor drives to observe and record data on the wildlife, but there is no such thing as a typical day.

Maisie'S STORY

My time at Chipangali and Care for Wild really opened my eyes to the world of conservation and made me realise that it is something I want to pursue.


The time in the clinic and out in the bush was very strenuous, eye opening, thrilling and captivating.


If you are considering volunteering at Care for Wild, do it. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, you will be tired. Yes, you will smell of dung, teff and milk. Yes, you will get up at early hours. But trust me when I say it is all so worth it.

Micaela'S STORY

If there’s one thing that I hope someone gets out of this, is that if you are considering going, but you are nervous, DO IT ANYWAY! This was the best experience of my life and so eye opening! I would go again in a heartbeat. 

Amanda'S STORY

There is not a project with ACE that I would not recommend. There is something for everyone and they will make sure that you have the most amazing time!


The projects do require a lot of hard work, but you do gain a lot of new skills and experiences. You also meet a lot of like-minded people and make good friends (so travelling alone is fine). 

What Makes Us Different?

Southern Africa's original conservation travel company

We are qualified zoologists and conservationists

Personal guidance before you book

Join real wildlife conservation projects

Enjoy total peace of mind, with 24/7 in-country support

Empower vital conservation initiatives


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