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Indulge your passion for some of Africa’s most fascinating species. Have you always dreamed of working closely with African elephants? Or coming face to face with prides of lion in their natural habitat? How about getting hands on in the fight to save the rhino from the poacher’s snare?

Our conservation experiences give you the chance to join genuine conservation projects in helping to look after some of the most iconic species on earth. As well as spending time in close proximity to these unforgettable animals, you’ll also have the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced conservation professionals in southern Africa today.

How much does it cost?

Our experiences start at £1760 for two weeks, including transfers, meals and accommodation. But it really all depends on which project (or projects) you visit and how long you stay. For detailed pricing info, explore our experiences by animal below.

Travellers' stories

William'S STORY

Christine'S STORY


The greatest moment at Care for Wild for me was when the staff allowed me in with a six-month-old baby black Rhino called Swazi. She was in quarantine with a goat for company and I was to be more company for her. Due to my long stay and just working hard and being there for the right reasons, I guess I qualified for this honour.

Rebecca'S STORY

Claire'S STORY


Chandra'S STORY

They have Lions and Hippos that are resident to the sanctuary. While I was there, they had baby Duikers that had come in for care, so we were able to help support them as well with bottle feeding. I also had the opportunity to travel into the nearby community and help brainstorm ideas for their community garden. I was shown poaching documentaries, videos about the animal’s history and how they arrived at Care for Wild. The history on Care for Wild was also presented and was fascinating to learn.


Within two days we all became best of friends, and they will be my friends for the rest of my life. We will never lose contact. What we have to bear in mind is they’re all half my age. There are no age barriers or culture barriers, you’re just in a situation where you automatically bond.

Lillie'S STORY

If you want to see extraordinary things, Care for Wild has them. Everyone has a story to tell and there are a lot of stories. You will be impacted by what you see and hear. When you arrive, they tell you that you have to be able and willing. This will be helpful while you are working there. As long as you are willing, you will do just fine.

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