A baby giraffe peeks over a bush

Young giraffe requires constant care at Khulula Wild Care

Duke, a baby giraffe, came to Khulula Wildlife Care at just a few hours old. Found on a neighbouring farm, he was abandoned by his mother, who has unfortunately abandoned a number of young in the past.

Volunteers are currently caring for Duke 24 hours a day, and managing his drip. He is currently not eating willingly and is very sick. Young giraffe are one of the most challenging of all wild African mammals to hand raise, particularly at such a young age.

Update: Wednesday 11th August 2010

Volunteers at Khulula are providing around the clock care for Duke who was not eating well and has unfortunately contracted tick bite fever. After the vet took bloods and analysed them, volunteers are keeping a very close eye on Duke due to his lowered immune system where he has not received his mothers’ colostrum when he was born. All volunteers and staff at Khulula are holding thumbs that he will be strong enough to fight the fever.