African Conservation Experience reviews

Stories, tips, recommendations – they’re the glue that binds the traveller community together. So if you’re planning your trip, why not hear what previous travellers have to say?


What’s it like volunteering with wildlife in Africa? Hear what our previous travellers have to say about their experience.

Browse the African Conservation Experience reviews left by our past volunteers and learn more about the different projects we offer. From university students and gap year travellers to mature volunteers and those taking a sabbatical, our conservationists tell all about their experience in the real world of wildlife conservation.

Offering extraordinary details about their conservation trips and stunning pictures of the African wildlife they encountered, our traveller reviews will give you a unique insight into the type of work we do and help you pick the right program.

We have excellent links with some of the foremost game and nature reserves in Southern Africa, which allows us to provide a range of authentic, sustainable opportunities across astonishing locations such as Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Follow our travellers on the adventures of their lifetime as they recount working on our wildlife conservation projects. From wildlife rehabilitation, research and veterinary experience alongside professional vets to marine conservation and group voyages into the wild, our programs are always a trip to remember!

Why travellers submit their reviews

No matter the age and occupation of our travellers, the thing that really ties them together is the amazing memories they make on their trip. Enthralled by the experience, they are eager to share their story, tell everyone about the stunning locations and awe-inspiring animals they came across. In addition to the thrilling details of their journeys, our conservation travellers also share helpful tips, unique details and recommendations.

Far from being limited to just text-based storytelling, our travellers include a myriad of media in their conservation experience reviews. Breath-taking images, mesmerising videos and indeed even podcasts perfectly capture the spirit of their journey in a way that words alone rarely could.

How to submit your African Conservation Experience Review

If you have volunteered with us and want to tell your story to future conservation travellers, get in touch with us. Here’s a few helpful tips to get started:

  • Think about title and rating – readers who are scanning your review will focus on the rating you gave your trip and the highlights provided in the summary of the experience.
  • Flesh out the story – tell readers more about when you volunteered, who you went with and all the exciting activities that the project included.
  • Include useful tips – from travel arrangements to accommodation and day-to-day life, share relevant facts and recommendations about the trip.
  • Highlight intriguing details – think about any unexpected wonders that you encountered during your time in Africa. This is your chance to tell people about them!
  • Picture this – make sure you include any pictures and videos you took on your trip. They will help bring the experience to life for future volunteers!

We look forward to hearing about your trip with African Conservation Experience!



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